Our 2018 EV Guide for Moms

What if we told you that your next car could very likely be an electric vehicle? Sound interesting? Well, what if we also told you that buying an EV isn’t just good for the environment but can actually be a better car for moms than a traditional gas-powered vehicle? We know EVs are hotter than ever, and it’s only a matter of time before a lot of people in your neighborhood are driving all electric. As the #1 authority in electric vehicles, we thought it would be a good idea to put together an annual guide to help all mothers understand the benefits of EVs, which EVs can work for them, and how they can incorporate charging into their everyday lifestyle.

First, let’s talk about charging

The #1 thing we hear from our members is that the entire idea of charging scares them. We get it, and if you’re a mother, we know you’ve got your hands plenty full, the last thing you want to think about is how to charge your car. The interesting thing is that it’s not as complicated as most people think. In fact, it’s quite simple. We would actually go so far as to say that an EV fits into a mom’s lifestyle better than most other lifestyles. If you want to take a deep dive into chargers click here, otherwise we’re going to give you a quick brief on EV charging below:


Just remember this- There are 3 types of chargers:


Level 1: These chargers plug into a regular wall socket but take about 17-24 hours to charge.


Level 2: These are the chargers you’re going to want to install in your house, any electrician can do it. These are also the types of chargers you’ll see in public places like schools and grocery stores. These chargers will take about 4-6 hours to fully charge your car.


DC Fast: These chargers are starting to pop up all over the place in public areas and they are definitely fast. You could charge up 80 miles in just 30 minutes.


All chargers can be found using apps like PlugShare


Why are EVs perfect for moms?


As a mom you’re constantly picking up and dropping off the kids, driving to and from work, and running errands. If you have a gas-powered car, you have to make a stop at the gas station every time you need to fill up, this costs both a considerable amount of time and money. However, if you’re driving an EV, you never have to make an out of the way stop to charge up. This is because there are EV chargers already setup at the places you’re going to stop. Going to grab groceries at Target? They just invested millions in EV chargers. Going to work? Most employers are installing chargers in their parking lots. Taking the kids to soccer? There’s very likely going to be a charger within the area. Not to mention the charger you’ll have at home. Whenever you make a stop, just plug in, it’s that easy. Instead of being taken out of the way to refill, you get to do what you need to do while filling your car with power. These are just some of the reasons why we believe EVs are the perfect fit for every mom’s lifestyle.


Here are our top 5 PHEV’s (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and EV’s for Moms:

5. The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


Quick stats:

Take the kids to and from school and still have some range left for a little you time. This car is Mitsubishi’s first attempt at an electric vehicle, and we think it’s a great start. The exterior of the car has a mean look to it, and it will stand out anywhere you take it. The interior is a bit standard, and nothing to write home about, but the car does have a nice touchscreen in the center console. Where this car shines is how roomy it is. The 3 seats in the back offer very generous leg room. When you’re not using the car seat, you could fold up the back seats to double your trunk space for the kid’s hockey equipment.


Now let’s talk range. The Outlander PHEV has up to 33 miles of all-electric range. The car will actually intelligently switch between all electric and hybrid power to get you the most range possible. So, for example, if your daily commute is 20 miles you’ll save about $270 annually on gas.


4. Kia Niro


Quick Stats:

  • Starts at $27,900
  • 105 MPGe
  • 5 Seats

The Kia Niro offers a lot of the same benefits as the Outlander but because of its price tag and range, we think it’s a bit better. The car is also not the coolest thing on the road, but the interior is roomy and modern. The display integrates with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and trust us when we say, that’s a big help. These features allow you to use your phone on the car’s display, this makes navigation to the kid’s soccer game a much more pleasant experience. Trunk space is ample, and like the Outlander, you can lower the seats in the back to make more room.


As far as range the Niro has about 22 miles of all battery range, a little less than the Outlander but still enough to get you where you need to go.


3. Range Rover Sport PHEV


Quick Stats:

  • Starts at $78,300
  • 31 Miles of EV only range
  • 5 seats

A bit pricey, but this car is a natural beauty. It’s number 3 on our list for its style and performance. Everything about this car screams luxury, with one of the best-looking PHEV exteriors on the market and an interior that’s pure luxury. The car also has 398 horsepower (triple that of the Kia Niro) and goes from 0-60 in just 6.3 seconds. The Range Rover Sport is also an all-terrain vehicle, which means it can basically drive through almost every condition. It’s the perfect car for a mom that likes to have some fun.


2. Jaguar I Pace


Quick Stats:

  • Starts at $69,500
  • 240 Mile all EV Range
  • 5 seats

This thing is fast! The all-new Jaguar I Pace is Jaguar’s first EV and our first all EV on this list. It looks great and goes from 0-60 in a whopping 4.3 seconds. You’re probably asking why this half SUV with limited trunk space is number 2 on our list. The reason is because it’s one of the only all-electric SUVs in production, this means it takes no gas and will go 240 miles on a full charge, that’s very impressive compared to a lot of other EVs out there. With this car, you’ll never have to stop at the gas station with your little one crying in the back ever again.



1. Tesla Model X


Quick Stats:

  • Starting at $67,800
  • 295 Mile range
  • 7 Seats

This car is everything you ever wanted in an SUV and more. For starters, this car is one of the best-looking cars on the road today. It’s a clean and modern car yet it’s got an intense look to it. The interior is dead simple. That giant 17inch touchscreen controls everything in the car, which means the car is less reliant on those physical buttons. And let’s talk about those gullwing doors, they look great, but there’s also a good reason why Tesla decided to go with these things, they make it easier for other riders to get to the back 2 seats without having to lower the seats in front.


The car also has 5-star safety ratings across every category. Not to mention the 295-mile range and the ability to take advantage of Tesla’s supercharger network, which can charge your car in just about 30 minutes.


But by far the best feature this car has to offer is Tesla’s state of the art autopilot mode. Just turn it on, set your speed and distance and let the car do the rest. It literally drives by itself on the highway. Being a mother is super stressful, sometimes it’s good to let the car take some of the slack. For the autopilot alone, this car stands out from the rest of the pack. For all these reasons and so many more, the Tesla Model X is EZ-EV’s 2018 #1 EV for moms.



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