15 Cheapest Electric Cars in 2018 with Exclusive Deals


Looking for the best electric car options at the best price? Finally, there are loads of great and affordable options in the $30,000 range–with some nice deals even below that price! It’s a great time to jump into an electric car or plug-in hybrid. Innovation, technology and consumer demand are finally intersecting to make owning an electric car easier than ever before. Couple that with the widespread adoption of charging stations across the United States, and consumers don’t have to worry about being stranded without a way to power up. The top electric cars have ranges over 100 miles, making your commute and daily errands a breeze without any extra charging. If you do elect for a plug-in hybrid, then you have the convenience of switching over to a different energy source once your battery runs out.

Ready to hop in an electric car without busting your budget? Here are the 15 cheapest electric cars with the best deals.


2018 Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe


If you love having a small car to navigate through the busy streets, then you should familiarize yourself with the offerings from Smart. Equipped with an 80-horsepower electric motor, this small two-seater is rear wheel drive. Its true speed is found in the battery charging, where it be fully charged in just three hours. However, the range on the Smart Fortwo isn’t as far as some of its competitors. At only 58 miles per charge, you may want to connect during the workday.


2. 2018 Ford C-Max Energi

$27,120 (Exclusive EZ EV Deal: $7,007 OFF)

The Ford C-Max Energi is a plug-in hybrid, meaning you can take advantage of supplemental battery power to assist with your gas-powered vehicle. With electric-only, you’ll get 20 miles which will take you to the store and back but won’t finish up your commute. However, you’ll have a total range of 600 miles, which is better than most cars on the market. You can also select which mode to drive in — electric, gasoline or battery power plus gasoline (or hybrid). This is a great addition to the Ford lineup and a solid choice for drivers looking for a way to save on their overall energy bill, no matter how they get there.


3. 2018 Ford Focus Electric Hatchback


Ford has brought its reliable brand to the electric car market. They offer an electric version of their compact Focus, including a hatchback edition. You’ll get loads of trustworthy features in a modern design with a nice, cool 100 mile driving range that will easily take you to work and back. As a bonus, Ford has developed sophisticated onboarding smart tools to show you ways to improve your battery life. With a price under $30,000, it’s one of the best electric buys on the market.


4. 2018 Smart Fortwo Passion Cabrio


Wow, who can forget the look of a Smart car? The Passion Cabrio is no different, featuring bold color patterns like orange on black or green on black. But you won’t only be making a statement on the road–your energy bill will look better too. The Passion Cabrio gets 112 miles on one charge and only takes 3 hours to fully charge. That’s a distinct advantage that many other competitors can’t match–especially at this price point.


5. 2017 Hyundai Electric Ioniq


Though only available to California residents, the Ioniq is definitely worth considering if you live there. It’s a sedan rather than a cramped hatchback, offering you more room and comfort with a battery charge that outlasts many smaller vehicles. Hyundai didn’t skimp on the saftey features either, putting in automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, a warning for when you may be veering out of your lane and enhance blind spot detection. It also features an energy efficient high-capacity lithium


6. 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf


Get the quality you expect from a Volkswagen in your electric car. Besides the incredible safety that a VW is known for, you’ll also get a 35.8 kWh 323 V lithium-ion battery that is good to go for the long haul. It also comes with helpful features like parking assist, rearview cameras, and an app that will keep you updated on all the important facts, like battery life. With a driving range of 125 miles, you’ll be able to make your commute plus your errands without additional charging.


7. 2017 Nissan LEAF


One of the top cars on the EV market, the Nissan Leaf offers a sedan with advanced controls for perceiving cars around your vehicle, one pedal driving and a sleek interior control pad. The new Leaf will bump its range up to 150 miles on a single charge, but it also comes equipped with fast DC charging. And the new heated seats and heated steering wheels give you the luxury amenities of more expensive cars in its class.


8. 2018 Kia Soul EV: 111 miles


A Kia appeals to the budget-conscious but also to a younger demographic. Finally, the Kia is delivering to the kids with a revamped electric version of their popular Soul. It looks exactly like its gasoline forebears, but includes an efficient 90kw battery gives you a great range of more than 100 miles. All in a stylish design that Kia has pioneered. The battery is located underneath the cabin for a more interior room. The Soul comes standard with a fast DC charge with a 50kw charge will give you 80% of the battery range within 30 minutes. That’s a very do-able lunch break no matter how far you have to go. If you don’t want to install a more traditional 240v charger for electric vehicles, you can use the 120V charger–the same type that most of your appliances are hooked up to


9. Fiat 500e: 84 miles


For those that enjoy the maneuverability and smaller size of Fiats, then the electric version of the 500 is sure to please. Though only available in California and Oregon, the Fiat 500e is a good car for city driving and commuting. It features a 24.0-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a 111-hp electric motor.  A big selling point for the Fiat is that it only takes 4 hours to get the battery up to a full charge, which is plenty of time to charge while you’re at work.


10. 2018 Chevrolet Volt

$34,095 (Exclusive EZ EV Deal: $14,000 OFF)

Here’s another plug-in hybrid that combines an electric charge with gas power to give you maximum driving options. With the Volt, you can go up to 53 miles on an electric charge or up to 420 miles with gas and a full battery. And get this: Chevy thinks that you could go more than 1000 miles without fill-ups, if you primarily power up every night or during the day for your regular driving. Then the gasoline is just a convenient back up that you’ll always have when you need it. But the Volt optimizes your battery, and the energy your battery generates, to seamlessly switch between energy sources. The Volt doesn’t lose any important features–you’ll still get a remote start, smartphone integrations and more!


11. 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV

$36,620 (Exclusive EZ EV deal: $13,500 OFF)

Did you know that the Chevy Bolt was named Motor Trend’s 2017 Car of The Year? The 2018 model is sure to reap in similar accolades. The price tag may turn away some price-conscious who still want to slide into the electric car market, but don’t forget–you’ll get 238 miles per battery charge. That’s days or maybe even a week without charging back up, depending on your usual trips. You’ll also get one-pedal driving that will help you save energy. This one is definitely worth the price for the distance.


12. 2018 Tesla Model 3


A Tesla for under $40,000? Yes, it’s possible. The leader in electric cars has developed a new sedan for the more price-conscious among us (i.e. all of us). The Model 3 has incredible driving range–more than 200 miles–with the top-notch safety features of its more expensive brothers. It can also hit 60mph in under six seconds. But if you really want this car, you’ll have to wait 12 to 18 months before the next set is available. Current reservation holders are waiting anxiously!


13. Ford Fusion Energi

$33,305 (Exclusive EZ EV Deal: $10,007 OFF)

If you’re looking for a plug-in hybrid sedan, then the Ford Fusion Energi is the solution. If you combine fuel and electric charge together, your range becomes an unstoppable 610 miles. It has a unique regenerative braking system in which energy is recycled while braking. With a 104 mpg, the Ford Fusion Energi goes the distance in a stylish, sensible car.


14. 2018 BMW i3

$45,445 (Exclusive EZ EV Deal: $10,000 OFF)

If you’re looking for a sportier and performance-oriented car, the BMW i3 fills in that gap for the electric car market. The i3 has new features and a new battery option–a 33.2 kWh that extends its range significantly. One of the hidden benefits of a BMW electric car is that you get instant acceleration, going from 0-60 in under seven seconds. Another plus? The whole car uses recycled plastics, raw materials, and natural fibers so that most of what you see is recycled or renewable. This is the pick if you’re looking for a faster car with a longer range.


15. Honda Clarity Electric

$199 / month

The wildcard is the Honda Clarity Electric. Why? Because it’s not available for sale, only lease for 36 months. That could make it a way cheaper buy with no risk on your part and puts you in a great spot to take advantage of any technological changes that may be coming down the innovation pipeline. The Honda Clarity is only available to residents in California and Oregon. The EPA driving range is 89 miles, which gives you plenty of range for quick trips and you’ll have more room in a sedan to take people (or stuff!) across town.

One thing people forget when looking at electric cars–you can save money on the MSRP and gas at the same time. All of these options will help you save at the gas pump, and provide you with enough power to get through your day. Finally, you get a great electric car without paying more than you want to.

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